Some steps for conducting a successful Social Media Audit

03Oct, 2018

Conducting Social Media Audit and coming to an actionable conclusion is not easy, it’s a tough job to do. It required perfect strategies to make your social media audit work. Basically, Social Media Audit is a procedure that will assist your sort through all your social information.

Here are some steps from the WebPlayer Team which will help you keep on track.

  • You should create a document for your audit. Mainly you should prefer creating your spreadsheet and you can do using the program like Excel or Google Docs for recording the daily status.
  • Before going to the area of conducting social media audit, you should first need to outline the data that you will use to analyze your social media performance.
  • Do identify the most shared content. Pitching to that content will help you get the information about shares, likes and impressions.
  • You should about your competitors and their thinking about you. Be sure to note what they are saying about you, whether directly or indirectly. These messages can impact your customer’s perceptions for you.
  • Always use different social media platforms while doing social media audit. It will help you decide which social media platform you should use in present and future based on your value enhancements.
  • Do measure your ROI. This will help you save time and spend less money on activities which aren’t beneficial for your business.

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