Manual Penalty Recovery of a Site Without Losing SEO

09Mar, 2017

Most online businesses, search engine traffic is very important, but achieving high rankings in Google is not as easy as it used to be. Sometimes we use awkward ways to rank up our website and it will get a penalty for this. Many SEOs and marketers are pushing the link-building process to the limit. As a result, many websites are being penalized for violating Google’s guidelines.

Now the Question is how to overcome that penalty and get the site rank up?

-> Websites that are penalized or banned from Google – If you have backlinks from websites that are violating Google’s guidelines, you will have to remove them.

-> Websites with duplicate content They usually are of low quality, and you should avoid having links from such websites.

-> Having links from sites that are completely unrelated to your website can raise a red flag.

-> Hidden text – Don’t hide text or links from users using CSS.

-> When a site begins buying links, the most of the links come from sites that have high quality but fundamentally unrelated.

-> Spammy comments and forum profiles – Everyone hates spammers, including Google.

-> Google is against sponsored content that is passing PageRank. If you want to promote your services on a blog, use a no follow attribute for your links to keep your rankings safe.

-> Whether we are talking about a manual or algorithmic penalty, you will have to analyze your website’s backlinks and identify the ones that caused your rankings to drop. Remove that links or disallow them.

-> Use good quality content instead of using duplicate content.

-> Check the url,meta description.and optimizing keywords improve these things to improve your pagerank.


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